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Your Last Best Gift

St Francis Episcopal Church has put together a notebook called "Your Last Best Gift". This notebook is designed for your survivors' use in carrying out your last wishes and for your use in keeping your important information current and accessible. The sections of the notebook include:

  • Personal Burial Plan
    • Disposition of Remains
    • Funeral Plans
    • Obituary Information
  • Immediate Tasks and Persons to Contact
  • Document Locator
  • Personal Information
    • Marital Information
    • Family Records
    • Adoption Agreements
    • Child Care Arrangements
    • Pet Care
    • Military Service; Education
    • Organizations
    • Current and Previous Employment
  • Medical Information
    • Medical and Dental Insurance
    • Health Care Providers
    • Medical History
    • Medications
    • Summary of Family Medical History
  • Financial Information
    • Financial Statement;
    • Current Income Sources
    • Bank Accounts
    • Stocks and Bonds
    • Real Estate
    • Safe Deposit Box/Safe
    • Notes Receivable; Liabilities
    • Business Information
  • Insurance Information
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
    • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Home owner’s/Renter’s Insurance
    • Auto Insurance
    • Umbrella Liability Insurance
    • Other Insurance Policies
  • Retirement Information
    • Pension Plans
    • Profit-Sharing Plans
    • IRAs, Stock Options
    • Annuities
  • Legal Information
    • Professional Advisors
    • Will
    • Powers of Attorney (Durable & Health Care)
    • Living Will
    • Organ Donor Information
    • Trust Document Information
  • Personal Property
    • Household Inventory
    • Personal Property Inventory
    • Appraisals
    • Memorandum of the Distribution of Personal Property
    • Location of Other Important Papers (e.g. Automobile Titles)
    • List of Service Providers

We designed the notebook using a variety of open source materials as reference.  It is not intended to substitute for professional legal or other advice.  

Your information in this notebook is very private and sensitive and should be kept in a secure location to avoid identity theft. In our view the first three sections (Personal Burial Plan, Immediate Tasks and People to Contact, and the Document Locator) are less sensitive and, in fact, should be easily accessible to your survivors. You should inform anyone who will need to know, including your lawyer, of the existence and location of this information. The Personal Burial Plan should also be filed at your church. The Document Locator will direct those with a need to know to the location of the rest of the information.

You will want to update some of this information periodically, perhaps on your birthday. Also, be sure to continue to check the church web site for updated links to pertinent information.

This notebook is available below in a format to print (Adobe PDF File) and one to use to record your information (Microsoft Word Document). For your identity protection, we suggest you store this information in a secure manner, for example, on a CD or USB drive.

You may reproduce "Your Last Best Gift" for your own use or for non-profit workshops.  Please include an acknowledgement of St. Francis Episcopal Church. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


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Your Last Best Gift

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